Routine Legal Services

Routine legal tasks are the bane of in-house legal departments: high volumes which disrupt higher value/complex workloads and which are not cost-effective to outsource to traditional law firms.

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Highly process-driven tasks are susceptible to outsourcing to ALSPs, but they need to be performed accuractetly and efficiently and with minimal management overhead to be worthwhile.

Our fully-formed freelancer teams led by experienced project managers can lift some or all of a client’s routine legal workload from their regular lawyers, creating breathing-space for them to focus on the higher value, complex and more rewarding matters.

We start with understanding a client’s processes and requirements and we will assist in the development of a process “playbook”.

This information is used by the dedicated Jandr project manager to select and train the freelancer team and to monitor and report quality and performance once live.

The humble NDA or confidentiality agreement is the overture to a new commercial relationship. As such, there’s usually pressure from the lawyer’s own business client to minimise changes and to agree the contract ASAP, to allow the underlying exchange of information to occur.

NDAs need to be carefully reviewed to ensure they are fit for purpose and within policy, but the mark-up should be pragmatic and commercially-minded, to keep changes to a minimum.

We start with a client’s NDA playbook or work with them to create one, and perform a number of practice reviews until the service is ready to go live. The playbook will determine red lines, opening and negotiating positions and escalation procedures where required. The result is a set of rules which our experienced legal freelancers will apply consistently across all future documents.

For clients who receive NDAs, we can offer fixed-fees per NDA, inclusive of the initial review and mark-up and all communications, negotiations and interim drafts until an agreed version for signing.

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Any business which regularly enters into the same kind of contract – for example the sale or procurement of professional services – will have a set of acceptable contracting positions and red lines. These rules will form the basis of a playbook for each document type.

We can agree a fixed price per contract review based on the complexity of the playbook, average contract length, required turnaround times and the extent of work required – from tailoring a precedent document to reviewing a counterparty document and negotiating it to an agreed draft.

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Our legal project managers and experienced legal freelancers, connected by leading collaboration tools and processes, improve the performance of any repetitive or process-driven compliance task.

We’ll work with you to develop the rules which will be applied to our team and charge on the most appropriate metric – whether that be time or unit-based.

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We perform email and chat reviews for principal finance transactions to check for potential misuse of material non-public information received by advisory teams within finance institutions.

We use secure eDisclosure platforms to efficiently process tens of thousands of emails – to remove duplicates and false positive hits on search terms – to identify a manageable pot for human review. We identify a small proportion of documents for follow-up by the instructing legal or compliance team. Our MNPI reviews have identified actual or perceived conflicts which have caused finance instutions to refrain from trading in a particular instrument to avoid a potential problem arising.

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Contracts contain rich business information, but often buried or even lost in unstructured text. Worse still, contracts are often filed in cupboards and only see the light of day in the event of a dispute. What a waste of data!

CLM systems bring contract data to life, digitising the data in a structured database, ripe for interrogation, automation or other bulk tasks.

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Our freelancers have complete control over their working hours and locations, allowing them to build a flexible and sustainable working arrangement.

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Ours is a service provided by lawyers, for lawyers. As such, we understand the high standards of quality and accuracy that are required, even for the more mundane, less glamorous tasks.

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Our remote working arrangement combined with a commitment to entirely offset our carbon footprint is sustainable for the planet.

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We support our freelancers on their journey with us, with guidance and constructive feedback to develop their skills and expertise. This is especially true in the case of our freelancers who are returning to work after a period of time out to start a family or to pursue other non-legal interests.

We provide immediate and much-needed support to our lawyer clients. Our fully formed teams are lead by an experienced legal project manager, freeing up the instructing lawyers to focus on their more urgent matters.

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